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Совещание в Турине
Международная промышленная  выставка ИННОПРОМ 2017

International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM-2017  in Ekaterinburg from 10 to 13 July 2017, with participation Ural State Mining University.


The NCIMM held its traditional Open Day on the 20th of May. This annual event is very popular not only among the people of the republic of North Ossetia –Alania, but it often hosts visitors from neighbouring republics. During the Open Day the applicants received information about all the training programs for bachelors, masters and post-graduate students, provided in the university, about scientific achievements, organization of educational, scientific and creative work of students.

 17 по 26 апреля в Екатеринбурге    XV Уральская горнопромышленная декада

The topics of the round tables will affect the prospects of using e-learning in the educational process and the problems of geology in the modern world. A discussion will take place at several venues about the currently being developed international master program MINERAL (Erasmus + «Modernization of geological education in Russian and Vietnamese universities»).

Информационно-методический семинар

Information-methodical Erasmus +


Международная программа по Геологии нефти и газа представлена на дне открытых дверей

At the open day, the Institute of International Education presented a project of new program being under development of the Erasmus + grant program of the European Commission "Modernization of geological education in Russia and Vietnam"

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TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Institut für Bergbau und Spezialtiefbau
Tatsiana Piliptsevich (MBA, M.Sc.)
Koordinatorin des Projektes MINERAL
Gustav-Zeuner Straße 1a
D-09599 Freiberg

  • Address: г. Екатеринбург, ул. Куйбышева, 30, «УГГУ»
  • Phone: +7 (343) 295-15-92
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