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С 01 декабря открыта регистрация на участие в зимней школе «Юный геолог»

From 01 December registration for participation in the winter school "YOUNG GEOLOGIST", which will be held in February 2018g in the framework of the implementation of the project "modernization of mineral geological education in Russian and Vietnamese universities (ERASMUS +).

 Семинар в рамках проекта МИНЕРАЛ - «Модернизация геологического образования в российских и вьетнамских вузах» (ЭРАЗМУС+) в Горном университете г. Леобен

From October, 29 to November, 5, the representatives took part in the seminar as part of the MINERAL project «Modernization of geological education in Russian and Vietnamese universities» (ERAZMUS +) at the Mining University of Leoben.

As part of the event, the issues of development of educational programs in accordance with the latest world trends, as well as issues of scientific cooperation were discussed. The preparations for the "Young Geologist" Winter School.

С 15 по 29 сентября представители вузов приняли участие в семинаре в рамках проекта МИНЕРАЛ

From September 15 to September 29, representatives of universities took part in the seminar as part of the MINERAL project – «Modernization of geological education in Russian and Vietnamese universities» (ERAZMUS +) in Turin.

Within the framework of the event, the issues of development of educational programs in accordance with the latest world trends, as well as issues of scientific cooperation were discussed. Specialists of the Turin Institute held seminars on the developmen

Зимняя школа "Юный геолог"

November 2017: registration open (there is no deadline for registrations)

February 2018: Start of the lectures (downloads available)

Live lectures broadcasted on the internet using virtual conferencing software

Speakers make talks accessible for non-specilists as well as presenting new aspects in the field

Lectures cover a wide variety of subjects

Lectures are available for download

Participants can present their work

Forum and chat se

Направления совместной работы в рамках проекта «Минерал»

From 10 to 14 September representatives of the Leoben Mining University (Austria) paid a working visit to SSRPU (NPI). The delegation headed by Professor R. Sachsenhofer arrived in Novocherkassk to have a talk with the scientists of Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering Faculty, discuss the directions of joint work within the framework of the "Mineral" project (under the Erasmus + program), in which our universities participate, as well <

Панельная дискуссия «Модернизация геологического образования и перспективы региональной интеграции в областные образовательные программы и научную деятельность»

In the framework of the International Industrial Exhibition INNOPROM-2017 Ural State Mining University together with the Ministry of education of the Sverdlovsk region, held a panel discussion on "Modernization of geological education and prospects for regional integration in the regional educational programs and scientific activities".

Приглашение на панельную дискуссию  ИННОПРОМ 2017

We invite you to participate in a panel discussion at INNOPROM 2017, which will take place on July 13, 2017 at 12.45, at the Yekaterinburg Expo, and orginized by Ural State MIning University.

The discussion will focus on the use of e-learning in the educational process, the modernization of higher education in Russia and the problems of geology in today's world.


Международная промышленная  выставка ИННОПРОМ 2017
From 10-13 July 2017, International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM-2017 will be held in Yekaterinburg, Russia, with the participation of the Ural State Mining University.
 СГМИ открывает двери

The NCIMM held its traditional Open Day on the 20th of May. This annual event is very popular not only among the people of the republic of North Ossetia –Alania, but it often hosts visitors from neighbouring republics. During the Open Day the applicants received information about all the training programs for bachelors, masters and post-graduate students, provided in the university, about scientific achievements, organization of educational, scientific and creative work of students.

Международная программа по Геологии нефти и газа представлена на дне открытых дверей

At the open day, the Institute of International Education presented a project of new program being under development of the Erasmus + grant program of the European Commission "Modernization of geological education in Russia and Vietnam"

Ecological conference of miners as a contribution to the development of conservancy of nature

V International scientific-practical conference «Technosphere and ecological safety of mining regions», which is annually conducted in the framework of the decade, the Department of Geoecology URSMU, began with a solemn performance of the anthem URSMU.

The themes of the round tables had raised the prospect of using e-learning in the educational process and problems of geology in the world today. Multi-site discussion is currently being developed by the international

Perspective of e-learning was discussed in Ural State University of Mining

A Round Table «Experience, problems and prospects of using e-learning in the educational process» was held in Ural State University of Mining as a part of XV Ural Mining Decade.

Modern technical possibilities of distance education will be fully involved in the framework of the implementation Mountain new international master's program in Geology and Geophysics. In addition of the oldest university of the Ur

В СКГМИ определились с составом рабочей группы по выполнению проекта Эразмус+ Минерал

NCIMM has established a working group responsible for carrying out the Erasmus+ project Mineral. Members of the group began to develop a unique innovative curriculum for Master’s course in “Geology of oil and gas”. The teachers are to create a unified Master program which will help to establish a multinational cooperation network in geology.

Приглашение на XV Горно-промышленную декаду

It’s one of the most significant scientific and practical forum of the Ural State Mining University. Hundreds of specialists of mining and mining industries enterprises from Russia and foreign countries, research institute and Institutes of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences come to the university.

And also educational institutions of all levels - from schools to universities, which contributes to the effective interaction of science, education and industry.

XV Уральская Горно-промышленная декада

We invite you to take part in the events of the XV Ural Mining Decade from April 17 to 26, 2017.

The topics of the round tables will affect the prospects of using e-learning in the educational process and the problems of geology in the modern world. A discussion will take place at several venues about the currently being developed international master program MINERAL (Erasmus + «Modernization of geological education in Russian and Vietnamese u

В УГГУ работают над проектом по модернизации геологического образования

The Ural State Mining University began to develop unique educational and methodological modules for the disciplines of the course "Geology of Oil and Gas", which will form the basis of the international program of higher education.

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