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The directions of joint work within the framework of the "Mineral" project

Направления совместной работы в рамках проекта «Минерал»

From 10 to 14 September representatives of the Leoben Mining University (Austria) paid a working visit to SSRPU (NPI). The delegation headed by Professor R. Sachsenhofer arrived in Novocherkassk to have a talk with the scientists of Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering Faculty, discuss the directions of joint work within the framework of the "Mineral" project (under the Erasmus + program), in which our universities participate, as well as conduct quality control for the project.

The guests were met by the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Yury Ivanovich. Razorenov. He made greeting speech and noted that the scientists of the SSRPU (NPI) are glad to have possibility to interact actively with the Austrian colleagues within a week, to share their own achievements and successes, and also to learn the experience of their European counterparts.

The agenda includes a visit to the Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering Faculty and its departments, working meetings with scientists, round table talks on the “MINERAL” project, and summing up the results of the first year of the “MINERAL” project.


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