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From 01 December registration for participation in the winter school "YOUNG GEOLOGIST"

С 01 декабря открыта регистрация на участие в зимней школе «Юный геолог»

From 01 December registration for participation in the winter school "YOUNG GEOLOGIST", which will be held in February 2018g in the framework of the implementation of the project "modernization of mineral geological education in Russian and Vietnamese universities (ERASMUS +).

Within two weeks the students of higher education institutions and all interested persons will have the opportunity to attend the lectures of scholars Mining University of Leoben (Austria), University of Turin (Italy), mining Academy of Freiberg (Germany), mining University Hanoi (Viet Nam) Vietnamese Academy of science and leading universities of Russia.

Winter school will take the form of webinars and lectures that can be viewed online. All participants will be awarded certificates of the winter school.

On all matters contact the Institute of international education. Kolomiets Anastasia.

e-mail: anastasia.srstu@gmail.com

T. 88635255568

Ссылка для регистрации http://mineral7.ru/wps/?registration=ok


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