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8 July opening ceremony of international industrial exhibitions INNOPROM-2018, which will last till July 13, 2018 year. For the first time in the international industrial exhibition took place the meeting of the heads of all INNOPROM trade missions of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION abroad. At INNOPROM 2018 attended the Ural State Mining University.

During the international exhibition in Ekaterinburg, the Urals Mining University INNOPROM becomes one of the most visited places for foreign delegations.  The mining University paid a visit to the Governor of the Chinese province of Heilongjiang Van Vjentao. a delegation from China was headed by the first Secretary of the City Committee of the Communist Party of China city of Harbin Van Chzhaoli.  The possibility of carrying out joint educational programmes with mountain University became interested in the Deputy Minister of industry, mines and Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Iran Barat Gobadian. Strengthen cooperation with Ural mountain school intend to Algeria. Mining University took in its walls the Minister of industry and mining Affairs of Algeria, former Prime Minister Youssef Yousfi, the Director of the State-owned mining companies MANAL Tahar Cherif Zerarka, as well as the Director of the state geological survey company Azri Yahia.

The Panel considered the issues of professional education.

Discussion topics:

-expansion of educational information space and international cooperation;

 -Integration of innovation systems in the region and universities as a single space of innovation;

-Mechanisms for the participation of Russian universities in the innovation and technological development in the region;

-Transformation of universities as centers of innovation, technological and social development of the region.


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