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International cooperation. Visit of Professor Vinchigujero in South-Russian State Polytechnical University

Международное сотрудничество. Визит профессора Винчигуэро в ЮРГПУ(НПИ)

South-Russian State Polytechnical University representative visited University of Turin University (Italy), Sergio Vinchigujero-professor, Department of Earth Sciences. JuRGPU (NPI) and University of Turin-Erasmus project partners + "mineral", an agreement was signed in January 2018 year. Working visit of Professor lasts four days, during which you plan to work within the framework of a partnership contract between JuRGPU (NPI) and the University of Turin, as well as discuss joint realization of the project of the international project Erasmus + Modernization of geological education in Russia and Vietnam. Visit of Prof. Vinchigujero in JuRGPU (NPI) began with socializing with Vice-Rector for educational activity of Sergey Nikolaevich Chebotarjovym, the meeting was also attended by Director of the Institute of international education JuRGPU (NPI) Vladimir Stefanovic Vagin and Deputy Director of IMO Anastasia Sivkova Kolomiets. During the conversation, reaffirmed the willingness of both sides to cooperate on several levels: Exchange of students, joint postgraduate programme, joint degree (with the participation of two curators from the two universities). Italian colleagues have already have established such an experience of joint work with the French, allowing graduate students to receive two diplomas of candidate of Sciences. These, as well as other points of cooperation have become topics of today's communication. First day of stay guest from Italy to JuRGPU (NPI) proved eventful: he was an excursion at the University, Professor Vinchigujero met with the Dean of the Faculty of geology, mining and oil and gas Affairs A.a. Belodedovym, visited the Museum of geology and Department of applied geology, where he met with the staff of the Department, headed by the head of the G.V. Yeltsin. Colleagues-geologists and businesslike talk took place concerning the professional activity and future cooperation between the two universities.


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