Ural State Mining University is the first higher educational institution in the Urals. It was founded on the 3 (16) of July, 1914. Ural State Mining University was founded by the decree of the Emperor Nikolay II in 1914 as the Ural Mining Institute. The construction of the university was complicated by the First World War. In three years it (the university) was taken "under His Imperial Majesty's patronage" and became known as the "Ural Mining Institute of Emperor Nicholas II."

In 1917 the Institute opened its doors to the first entrants, thus breathing new life into the development of the Urals. The higher technical educational institution stimulated the increase in the number of schools, the growth of cities, the construction of factories, and the development of industry.

Ural State Mining University today:

100 000 graduates

10 000 students

1500 employees - teaching and administrative staff

2 Institutes. 8 Faculties

110 Doctors of Science, 202 Candidates of Science

University today. Four academic buildings. Five student hostels. House of Sports. Svyato-Nikolayevskiy church. Ural Geological Museum.

Strategic partners: Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, Russian Copper Company, EVRAZ.

The university provides 19 bachelor's degree programs, 8 master’s degree programs, 18 specialist training programs of higher education, 13 specialist training programs of secondary vocational education, and 10 postgraduate training programs.


Training of the specialists is carried out on the following faculties: Mining Technological faculty, Mining Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Civil protection, Municipal Engineering (vocational secondary education). Also there is institute of global economy in the university. Institute of global economy consists of Engineering-Economics faculty and faculty of global economy and business.

There are also faculties of distance education, Institute of part-time study.

The university has 47 departments, including 39 specialized ones.

Traditionally the university trains mining engineers specializing in 18 different fields of Applied Geology, Technology of Geological Exploration and Mining.


There are 13 widely recognized scientific schools:

Engineering geology

Economy and management of the national economy 

Ural mineral school

Mining machinery

Physical chemistry and theory of metallurgical process

Nuclear method in Exploration Geophysics and Radioecology

Mining engineering. Mining geotechnology

General regional geology

Minerals processing

Geology of ore and non-metallic mineral deposits

Technology, energy and geoinformation modeling of open mining of mineral deposits

Ural Geological Museum (museology)

The university has three dissertational councils, publishes two scientific journals listed by the Higher Attestation Commission as obligatory ones to be published in before the defense of a thesis.

One of the most significant scientific and practical events of the Ural State Mining University is the forum called "Ural Mining Industrial Decade". Hundreds of specialists from Russia and abroad come to the university every April to discuss topical issues of the industry and find partners to solve their production problems. The Forum has been held with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region since 2002.






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